Do you find it challenging to educate patients during consultations?

Whether you must explain a treatment, a disease, or a consequence of no-treatment, you must make sure that patients clearly understand your explanations otherwise they may not perceive the necessity of the recommended treatment.

How often have you heard these questions and objections from your patients?

  • “Do I really need a crown? Can’t we just do another filing?”
  • “Why does it hurt after you changed my filling? Why do I need a root canal treatment now?”
  • “Why do you recommend a deep cleaning? Can’t we just do a regular cleaning?”

It can be challenging when patients ask difficult questions. However, it proves that they are fully engaged in the treatment decision process. We developed Chapter2Dental to be the easiest tool to interact with patients whether you are a dentist, a treatment coordinator, or a hygienist.

Chapter2Dental is a powerful tool for dentist offices to manage patient education. It is the only dental patient education resource you’ll ever need.

Dental Patient Education | Educate Patients With Chapter2Dental

Addressing patients’ objections and concerns properly is a great opportunity to build trust and reinforce your credibility.

Chapter2Dental is the easiest app to explain treatments, diseases, and consequences of non-treatment. It’s a complete game-changer for dental teams and patients.

Dental Education For Patients

See how Dr. Dagher uses Chapter2Dental to educate his patients on the chair.

See how Dr. Dagher uses Chapter2Dental to explain diseases and treatments in implantology

Interactive Dental Patient Education Videos, Animations, and Models

The app is super easy to use for all

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The patient-friendly visuals communicate value

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